Hello, my name is Marnesha Hall, Certified Personal Trainer. 

First and foremost I want to start by saying WELCOME to M.HALL ATHLETICS and thank you for showing interest in me and my training regime. If you choose to begin your journey with me, I promise with consistency and dedication, you won’t be disappointed.

Since I was a kid I have always been active in sports and have been blessed enough to play at the collegiate level.

After college, I struggled with my health, both physically and mentally. Without having a structured schedule and routine, I became unmotivated and found it extremely difficult to hold myself accountable and remain healthy on the inside out. I noticed that when I was not taking care of my physical health, my mental health suffered and vice versa. 

It was as of 2019 that I began to take my physical health serious without neglecting my mental health. I focused my energy on activities that made me feel good. Fitness has not only helped me feel good and look good, but it has also become my lifestyle.

My goal is to provide all that I now know to others, like yourself, in hopes that you too will begin to live a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Let's get fit from the inside out!

Thank you,

Marnesha Hall, your future personal trainer.