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Why begin your fitness journey on your own when you can bring a partner with you? These sessions will be catered to you and a partner of your choice, in a private gym. I will be helping both of you in reaching your individual goals and building you both up physically and mentally. All sessions are 1hr sessions held in a private gym.

M.Hall Pop Up: 1x/week $55 per session, $220 /month

M.Hall Get Fit: 2x/week $45 per session, $360/month 

M.Hall Elite 3x/week $35 per session, $420/month

M.Hall Pro 4x/week $30 per session, $480/month

M.Hall Best Deal: 5x/week $25 per sessions, $500/month

*Payment options and package deals available on all services*

Semi 1 on 1 Personal Training: Classes
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